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Site Build It!

The #1 Website Researching, Building,
Hosting and Marketing Tools in the World

If you already have a website but it's under-performing or you want a website that is going to work as hard as you do don't settle for an old-fashioned web hosting service. Here you will learn about the world's #1 website researching AND building AND hosting AND marketing program that beats the competition on features, support and price — hands down! In fact there is no real competition to SBI!

SBI! helps a wide range of small business owners, entrepreneurs and online marketers by giving them the tools to create websites that rank highly in search engines, generate free traffic and convert well.

Have a hobby or special interest? Why not turn it into a website and earn an ongoing income? SBI! can help you research, build, host and promote your website using easy to use tools and a step-by-step guide that anyone can follow (no technical skills required).

Anyone Can Build a Website,
But with Site Build It! You Can Build a Business!


Are You a...

  • Local Business Owner who wants a website that draws traffic and delivers new customers and is tired of paying through the nose for Yellow Pages, newspaper, radio and television advertising?
  • Service Seller or Consultant who wants to increase your client base and build a professional rapport with your potential customers?
  • Webmaster who wants to streamline their production and create sites for your clients that fire on all cylinders?
  • Stay at Home Mom or Dad who wants to also earn extra income and help your family get ahead financially?
  • Student who wants to develop a stable stream of income so you can focus on your education instead of worrying about paying the bills?
  • Retiree who wants to create an income stream and not have to rely on retirement savings or social security to get by?
  • PPC Marketer who wants to wants to develop a niche content site, earn a high Google Landing Page Quality Score and quit worrying about the dreaded "Google Slap"?
  • Affiliate Marketer who's tired of playing SEO games and wants to get serious about creating a real high value, high converting niche content site?
  • Network Marketer who's tired of chasing down prospects, doing cold calls and would rather have warmed up prospects coming to you?
  • Real Estate Agent who wants to connect with buyers and sellers in the community and be the agent of choice?
  • Online Auction Seller who wants to develop your own traffic, build relationships with your buyers and not be at the mercy of online auction sites for the lifeblood of your business?

The list goes on... Anyone who is engaged in any kind of online or offline business venture or anyone interested in earning an income on the internet will benefit from using the integrated tools, step-by-step processes and in-depth marketing information offered by Site Build It!

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build a successful website or online business...

What's So Different About Site Build It! Websites?

Site Build It! is far more than just a web hosting and domain name registration service (although both are included of course).

Ken Evoy, the founder of SiteSell.com, is one of the worlds most highly respected internet marketing experts. He saw that small businesses and individuals were not being served by regular web hosting companies that offered domains, cheap hosting and little else of value.

Most websites fail miserably because they are not designed from the ground up to be search engine friendly and they just don't draw traffic. And a website that doesn't generate traffic is worthless, in fact it actually costs you money when you consider all the wasted time and effort.

Comprehensive Site Development and Internet Marketing Guide

Ken Evoy understood what it took to be successful on the web and he realized that the average person or small business owner needed a step-by-step guide to explain the process that is necessary to have an effective website that draws traffic AND converts visitors into customers. Basically, he created a comprehensive course in internet marketing and website development that guides you through a proven process. This evolved into what is now known as the Action Guide.

The Action Guide walks you through the 10 steps of effective website development and explains the proven "CTPM" process:

Understanding this process and having the integrated tools in SBI! are critical to your success.

You must look at how to construct your site from the point of view of your customers and of search engines.

The fact is that nobody cares about your business, your products or your services. Nobody is looking for your website. They are looking for solutions to their problems. In short they are looking for INFORMATION.


Using the Brainstorm It! Module you begin by researching exactly which keywords your customers are actually using to find information at the search engines. You use this information to create your site plan. Then you create highly targeted keyword optimized content pages that will rank well with the search engines.


Your high quality original content will drive free traffic from the search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN. The Action Guide will give you other traffic building ideas and soon your site takes off.


Your visitors will be won over by the exceptional content they find on your site and they will come to trust you and gain confidence in your opinions as a reliable source of information. Using other tools in Site Build It! you will develop an ongoing relationship.

You can use the Form Build It! Module to create auto-responders to offer mini-courses and the Mail Out! Module to keep in contact with your newsletters. Ask yourself who you would buy from or whose recommendations would you accept, someone you know and like or a complete stranger?


Once you have earned the trust and confidence of your visitors you can then, and only then, monetize your site. This is the fundamental error that most websites make. They skip the Content > Traffic > PREsell steps and try to jump straight into the "M".

So by now you can see that Site Build It! goes far beyond what mere web hosting companies can offer. But this is just the beginning of what is included with Site Build It! and what they do to help you succeed on the web.

Click here for a complete list of everything that's included. There's nothing else that comes close!

Comparison to Other Web Hosting Services

Okay, I think you can guess how this is going to go. Other hosting services like Yahoo! or 1&1 are interested in their bottom line — not yours.

SiteSell's claim to fame is thier rock-solid integrity and their dedication to ensuring their customer's success — your success. That's why they include a step-by-step Action Guide, easy to use page builder, integrated keyword research and site promotion tools, unlimited support and a myriad of technical things they do behind the scenes to promote your site that you don't even have to know about if you don't want to. In short, they care about your success and do everything they can to help you make it happen.

But you are making a business decision so you really should check out how other hosting services compare to Site Build It!

The Proof is in the Pudding

Let me give you a couple of examples from my experience with using Site Build It!

These two websites are related to two things I am passionate about. Australian Shepherds (my Aussie Levi was the inspiration) and helping schools, businesses and individuals to overcome bullying.

Both of them rank well within the Top 1% of sites on the web according to their Alexa Ranking.* (Alexa is owned by Amazon.com and is powered by Google.)

There are about 100 million active sites on the web so to make the Top 1% you need a ranking of 1 million or less. (Lower is better.)







Compare Your Website's Performance

Websites that use Site Build It! reach the pinnacle of Alexa Ranking
62% of SBI! sites reach the top 3 percentile while an incredible 35% reach the top 1%!

How Does Your Website Compare?

Check Your Alexa Rank Here
(Lower numbers are better and
you need a score of less than
1 million be in the top 1%.)

So whether you already have an under-performing website, are a business owner, internet marketer or are someone who is thinking about how to earn an income on the internet I know that SBI! not only delivers what it promises — it OVERdelivers!


You Can Test Drive Site Build It! Risk Free

SiteSell stands behind Site Build It! and they want to be sure you are happy with it so they protect you with a "Money-Back Satisfaction & Success Guarantee".

For more info on how you can build a successful online business and all the tools included with Site Build It! just click the link below...

Learn More About How SiteSell Services Can Help Your Business

The #1 Website Researching,
Building, Hosting and Marketing
Tools in the World.

Online Success Simplified!

Site Build It! - Online Success Simplified!

* Alexa Rankings on Jan. 29, 2009


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"My income continues to grow along with my passion for this business I'm building. Some recent additions to SBI!s functionality have made it possible for me to take the business in exciting new directions."
~ Michelle Schill

"What happened to instigate this dramatic, life-enhancing change? The turning point was when I bought SBI. From there, my options were limitless, and everything changed."
~ M. Makridakis

"When you first start, you think... "Ok, maybe I will make some extra money". I never really thought that SBI! would help me "Live my life like I mean to live it"."
~ Luisa Cupeles

"There is simply no reason for me, or any other reasonably ambitious person who wants to own their own life, to work a 9-to-5 anymore. I know because we've done it with SBI... twice!"
~ Jerry Mack

"The earnings from my SBI website, and online activities resulting from it, now pay our mortgage and both children's school fees."
~ Nick Stubbs

"The only way you will really "get" SBI! is to use it yourself. We have used it for over 4 years now and it keeps evolving and getting better. It is the center of our business and it has taught us about marketing on the web in a way that no other tool could have. SBI has created a business for us that brings us wealth, independence and a feeling of being in control of our lives. It will do the same for you if you let it. That's it. It is that simple. Go ahead and give it a try."
~ Jerry Mack

Site Build It! - Online Success Simplified!
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