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Site Build It Review: The SBI Scam

Is SBI a Scam? Thinking of Building Your Website and Online Business with Site Build It? Read On...

It's a fact that there are a lot of scams on the internet (just like in the offline world) and it can sometimes feel like it's impossible to separate the truth from outright lies. To begin this Site Build It review, let's look at the "SBI scam" question.

If you are reading this it's probably because you've heard of Site Build It! and are doing your due diligence before making a final decision. You may have done a Google search for the term "Site Build It Review" or "SBI Scam". I know I did before I got my first SBI! site.

The results of my searches showed the vast majority to be people who were using SBI! and were very happy with the results. Who better to do a review than someone who has actually used it?

However, from time to time I found some sites or blogs with a Site Build It review that said "Don't Buy SBI!" or "Is Site Build It a Scam?" or just plain old "SBI Scam". Yikes!

What Was Going On? What's the Big "SBI Scam" Thing About?

Before we get into that a little disclosure is in order. Many of the websites that have headlines like "SBI Scam" or, well, even the headline of this article, "Site Build It Review: The SBI Scam" are written by people like myself who like and use SBI.

Why is this being done? It's just good search engine optimization (SEO). Before I decided to buy SBI! I searched for dirt on SBI! and used search terms like "site build it review" and "sbi scam". So, it just makes sense that others doing research on Site Build It! would probably do the same. Yes, my secret is out — I want people to come visit my site!

SiteSell (the company that offers SBI!) has an affiliate program that allows every SBI! website owner the possibility of earning a commission for customers they refer. This doesn't change the cost at all. Purchasing through an affiliate just means that they get a percentage instead of SiteSell getting the full amount. That's just fair.

Does this mean that I am biased and will lie my face off to get the sale? Of course not. I put my name on this site! I want to ensure that you know exactly what SBI! is, what it can do for you and whether or not SBI! is the right product for you because — SBI! is not for everyone, but more about that later.

SBI! is about helping people to build successful online businesses. That means that SiteSell and I are interested in your long term success.

Okay, that said, let's get on with the SBI Review...

Site Build It Review: The "SBI Scam" Question

Not every SBI Review is a glowing recommendation. You may have found some sites or blogs that have harsh criticisms. Interestingly enough they are often spread by "reviewers" who have never actually used SBI and are simply repeating misinformation they have heard elsewhere. Of course, it's fine to review something you haven't used — so long as you do proper research first.

As a result of some of these so-called "reviews" SiteSell has posted an official response to the supposed "Site Build It Scam" here.

SBI! has thousands of happy customers. People who have followed the extensive educational materials and guidance available and who have put in the necessary work to create a thriving online business. But no matter how well a product works there will always be some that complain.

Is it possible to fail with an SBI! website? Absolutely. Here's how...

  • SBI! takes work, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes. SBI! provides a step-by-step guide (called the Action Guide) that tells you what you need to do, when you need to do it and why. But all that is useless if it isn't put into action.

  • Some feel they already know-it-all and ignore the guide. When things go wrong they blame SBI! Okay, confession time. When I first started I thought I was pretty smart. I ignored the Action Guide and my early results showed it. Take it from me; paying for expert advise and then ignoring it is foolish. Some reevaluate what they are doing and make the necessary changes, others quit and say, "SBI is a scam".

    Misery loves company. These disgruntled people then try to convince others that just because they have failed that everyone elso will fail too. In this way they selfishly prevent others from discovering the opportunity for success that SBI! offers.

  • By not using the included research tools to identify the best theme for their site they end up choosing a niche that is too broad or does not have enough demand to support a business. It might seem obvious but it's important not to overlook. Of course, this is true for any business, online or offline.

  • Failing to research the potential monetization for a market niche. You will want to know that there are enough ways to generate income and that there is enough demand to make your site profitable. Again, this seems obvious but it's critical to not start building an online business in a niche that doesn't have marketable products or services.

Site Build It Review: Myths and Misconceptions

While the internet is a great research tool it's sometimes hard to separate the truth from the myths and misconceptions. For example, I've found information on the web about SBI! that is just plain wrong.

Sometimes this comes from people like those above. Other times it comes from people passing on misconceptions without taking the time to do proper research. In some cases it comes from hucksters who have a vested interest in confusing you because they want to sell you their latest get-rich-quick scheme instead.

Sometimes it comes from very savvy internet marketers who have years of hard won experience who claim that you can do it on your own without SBI! While that may be true for them, is it true for the average person?

No Site Build It review would be complete without discussing the myths and misconceptions. So what are some of the claims that are being made? Here are some I have found...

  • You don’t own your domain name.
    My Site Build It Review Response: FALSE
    Your SBI! domain name is registered in your name, you own it — period. This can easily be verified. Look up the registered name of any SBI! website in a WhoIs search.

  • You can't move to a different host, you are locked-in to SBI!
    My Site Build It Review Response: FALSE
    You can switch to another host whenever you like. There is no charge to do this and simply follows ICANN regulations. However, SBI! provides many tools and functions to help you build and promote your site. If you switch to a different host you would, of course, lose those benefits.

  • If you switch to another host you lose your whole website and can't take your pages with you.
    My Site Build It Review Response: FALSE
    You own the copyright on all your pages. You built your website and you can download the pages and associated files to your computer anytime you like. You can transfer those files to any other host you like.

    This process would be easier for those who create their own HTML pages rather than the online site builder, but either way you own and have the right to your copyrighted material.

  • You can do everything SBI! does with cheap hosting and information freely available on the web.
    My Site Build It Review Response: HIGHLY DOUBTFUL
    Okay, I didn't rate this one as outright FALSE. This claim is usually made by very technically savvy people with many years of internet marketing experience. They feel that with the expertise they wield and with their in-depth knowledge of all kinds of information, services and tools that they could hobble together an online business that provides much of the functionality and services that SBI! provides.

    They say just get a "cheap hosting" package and that all of the information you will need is "freely available" on the internet. The problem for the average person like you and me is that this "solution" basically puts us back at square one...

    This means we are faced with searching millions of pages of "internet marketing" websites trying to come to terms with a myriad of conflicting ideas and trying to figure out which of the thousands of internet marketing gurus to believe.

    Sure, the knowledge is out there. Some of it may even be "free". But where? And how long is it going to take to find just the right combination of approaches, skills, tools and systematic processes we need to succeed?

    It could take YEARS of time and YEARS of trial and error. And that would be far from "free". In fact, many of these experts use advanced systems to do what they do and by the time you calculate what it really costs you would be very far from free indeed. How far?...

    Compare SBI! to so-called "cheap hosting" services here.

    Compare all of the tools included in SBI! that you would wind up having to pay for from third party companies or scrounging for "free" on the internet. To be fair to Site Build It review that list and ask yourself how long it would take and how much it would cost to come close to matching SBI!

    SBI! has done all that work for you and they've put the information and tools you need all together in one place. Starting with the step-by-step Action Guide that shows you exactly what you need to do at every phase of your site's development. How to research your site. How to optimize your site's pages, how to develop relationships with your customers, how to monetize your site.

    Sure, you could spend years going in circles on the web or you could spend that time with SBI! building your business instead.

  • SBI! is for "newbies".
    My Site Build It Review Response: TRUE AND FALSE
    Self-important "gurus" who like to look down on others to bolster their own egos like to claim that SBI! is for "newbies" or "noobs". They think that by insulting people with less experience than them that we will all be impressed with how clever they are.

    It's true that SBI! is the best solution for beginners as it gives them everything they need, including the guidance and support all in one place. But I hardly consider that to be a bad thing. Is SBI! for beginners? Absolutely, but its powerful set of tools are flexible enough to be used by experienced webmasters and marketers.

    So I would have to say that the statement "SBI! is for newbies" is false in the sense that while SBI! is an excellent choice for beginners it is certainly not just for beginners.

    In fact, experienced webmasters can use their favorite HTML and graphics editors like Dreamweaver and Photoshop and upload their own pages. You don't have to use the simple page building system that allows beginners to create their website without having to learn HTML programming first.

    In fact, experienced webmasters can use SBI! to create websites that get far better results for their clients than they are currently getting. If you are a webmaster considering using Site Build It review the information in the following link. Your clients will thank you!

    More info here on how webmasters are using SBI!

Site Build It Review: Is SBI! for Everyone?

As I mentioned earlier in this Site Build It review, SBI! is not for everyone. But no matter how good any product is it will not suit all needs all the time. Site Build It! is best at helping the average person or small business owner to compete successfully on the web. It provides all the tools, the processes, the guidance and support to build traffic and generate income.

Here's a Site Build It review of all the tools that come with SBI!

While this is more than enough for most of us some webmasters need features like database integration, server side scripts or massive file storage such as streaming video sites. However, all of these functions and more can be incorporated into your site later with SBI!'s Infin It! module. SBI! will give your site a solid foundation and is flexible enough to allow integration of more advanced features later should you ever need them.

To quote Ken Evoy, the founder of SiteSell, "No product is perfect for everyone. And I do not want you to own Site Build It! unless it is right for you."

SBI! provides a complete solution for 99% of individuals and small business needs. If you have any questions about the suitability of Site Build It review the informaton on this page and the links provided.

You can also ask your question directly to an owner of an SBI! site by phone or contact form...

Have Questions About SBI?   Visit This Page for Answers...

Is SBI! a scam? If it is they have a funny way of going about it. They provide a money-back satisfaction & success guarantee, show you proven results of hundreds of SBI! websites in a wide range of niches (including their Alexa traffic rankings proving they are all in the Top 1% of sites on the web) and have a spotless record with the Better Business Bureau!

So I hope this Site Build It review has helped answer some of your questions about SBI! and put the Site Build It scam question to rest once and for all.

All the Best,

Anton Hout

PS - Feel free to ask me any questions you have about SBI! and let me know if this Site Build It review was helpful. Contact Me

You Can Test Drive Site Build It! Risk Free

SiteSell stands behind Site Build It! and they want to be sure you are happy with it so they protect you with a "Money-Back Satisfaction & Success Guarantee".

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