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How to Build a Website That Works

How to Build a Website that Works!

How To Build a Website That:
Draws Traffic, Converts Visitors Into Buyers and Generates Ongoing Income

Part 2 - Finding the Right Process

In the previous lesson we discussed the need to find a theme for your website that is related to something you enjoy. Hopefully, you were able to come up with a few ideas for your site concept. But before we look at narrowing down your choices and picking the best one let's take an overview of the process that you will need to follow to give yourself the best chance for success.

Most websites fail due to a lack of understanding about the process that needs to go into creating a successful online business.

Offline Versus Online Marketing

Most of us are familiar with the basic ideas that go into creating an offline business like a retail store. For a “brick-and-mortar” business the most important element is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. This is the best way to ensure that you get enough walk-in traffic to sustain your business. Having a location that is easy to get to with ample parking are key ingredients to a successful offline business. But none of that applies to the online world.

It may sound obvious, but when you build your website you will need to start at the beginning. The beginning, "that's my domain name, right?", "that's getting a designer to build a snazzy site, right?", "that's making sure to find the right products and add a store, right?". Wrong, wrong and wrong.

Sorry, but that is the recipe for disaster that most website owners follow... with predictable results. Getting a name, a great location and filling a store with products may work for a traditional offline retail business but it will get you nowhere fast on the web.

Think Like Your Customer

Your site has to begin with your visitor; the person you want to attract to your website. You will have to first find out what they want and then, and this is important, how they are searching for what they want.

This brings up another point. Online nobody cares about you, your website or your business. Online your customers are just people with a problem in search of a solution. In short, they are looking for information that will help them solve their problem.

So in the online world people are searching for INFORMATION, INFORMATION, INFORMATION. This has to be the starting point for your website and is the first element in the process you will need to follow.

Using a Proven Process

This is the first step but you will also need to consider the stages that follow and the order they need to be done. That process can be summed up as...

Briefly, it works like this...


People are searching for information. You provide that information as high quality original content that is not only appreciated by your visitors but is created in such a way that it is found and ranked highly by search engines. (More on that later.)


Once the major search engines rank your pages you will begin to draw more and more free traffic. This is much better than having to pay for expensive advertising. If you rely on advertising to bring traffic to your site it will disappear as soon as you stop advertising. It is far better to build a solid foundation of traffic that is given to you by search engines like Google and Yahoo!


Now that you have visitors you will want to build a relationship with them. You will earn their respect and trust with the high quality of the information you offer on your site. You can then PREsell (not sell) these visitors with your recommendations of the products and services you represent. Building this relationship is very important. Whose recommendation would you accept; that of a friend you trust or a sales shark grabbing at your wallet?


Then, and only then will you be able to monetize your site. You will add multiple products and services related to your site theme. More on that later.

What's Next?

Okay, now that you have an idea of the big picture and have come up with a few different ideas for your website it's time to narrow down your choices and choose the best one. In the next lesson we will be looking at some of the preliminary research you MUST do before deciding on the best site concept for you.

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Until next time...

Anton Hout

7 Part Mini-Course
How to Build a Website that Works!

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